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How to Install Ubuntu/Linux using a USB drive

As you know Linux is open source, free to use kernel used by programmers, organizations, profit and non-profit companies around the world to develop operating systems according to their requirements.

Today you are going to learning on selecting the Linux distribution and installing Linux using a pen drive.

We will learn how we should install Linux on the computer and which distribution you should use. Let’s start understanding what Linux distribution is?

These versions, types or kinds of operating systems called distributions or distros. How many distributions are there? There are hundreds of Linux operating systems or distributions available these days.

Many of them design for a specific purpose. For an example to run a web server or to run a network-switch, routers or modems. One of the most popular Linux-based distribution is Android. Some other famous distributions are,

  • Archlinux
  • Centos
  • Gentoo Linux
  • Linux Min
  • Ubuntu

As mentioned, each distribution developed for the specific purpose of the demands of its target users. Most of them available for free at their respective websites.

We will be using Ubuntu for the learning purpose as beginners.

Install Ubuntu using a pen drive

This is the very easiest method to install Ubuntu or any other Linux distribution on your computer.

So this you are going to need the Ubuntu ISO or OS files. You can download them by visiting


As you can see there two versions of Ubuntu available for free to download.

Ubuntu download from the official website
Ubuntu Download ISO

Then Download Ubuntu 19.04.

The second software that you are going to need is a program which will install Ubuntu ISO files on the USB stick. For this, you can install the Universal USB installer available for at www.pendrivelinux.com.

Universal USB installer download
Universal USB installer

After downloading, run the universal installer.

Universal USB setup
Universal USB setup

The first step is selecting Linux distro. From drop down menu select Ubuntu version.

Ubuntu install using Universal USB installer
Ubuntu install using Universal USB installer

Next, you need to click on browse and select downloaded Ubuntu 19.04 ISO file.

Ubuntu install using Universal USB installer browse
Ubuntu install using Universal USB installer browse

Now we need to select the USB flash drive and click on the second drop-down menu. It will show the corresponding USB drive. Let’s select it.

Ubuntu install using Universal USB installer browse
Select USB

If you want to format it before installing Ubuntu, you can do it by checking the Format option.

Ubuntu install using Universal USB installer format
Format USB

Then click on create.

Ubuntu install using Universal USB installer create

You get a popup message incoming you that the universal USB installer will work on the following action. Click on yes. Then the universal installer program starts moving the Ubuntu ISO files to the USB stick. Once done you have the USB stick ready. Now your USB is an installation media with the Ubuntu on it.   Let’s us go ahead and click close. Now you can boot your computer through this USB stick and you would be run Ubuntu without installation.

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